1. 用一塊小於抽屜開口約0.2-0.5公分的木板做出假的底層抽屜。

Cut a 1/4 inch plywood 1/16 inch smaller than your drawer opening to create a false bottom drawer.


2. 把錢藏在小罐子裡,但要確保讓罐子看起來像是裝滿東西。

Stash money into counterfeit containers that are empty but look like they're filled with something.


3. 把一疊薄薄的書本串聯在一起,將中間切割出足夠容納東西的空間。

Combine a bunch of thin books together and cut out the middle to create this small book storage compartment.


4. 把貴重物品藏在吸塵器中。

Hide valuables in plain sight within your vacuum cleaner.


5. 已經用完的除臭噴劑中也可以藏東西。

Use an empty deodorant to stash cash and put it away in your medicine cabinet.


6. 把數本書的書頁都切後黏在一起,就能創造一個小小的置物空間了。

Cut off all the pages within various hardcover books and glue the empty book covers together to create a secret storage place.


7. 把牆上的其中一塊磁磚移除,然後以磁磚置物箱替代就能在浴室中創造一個秘密藏物點了。

Remove a tile from your wall and replace it with a tile storage compartment to make a hidden storage in your bathroom.


8. 如果你家有樓梯,也可以把樓梯變成儲藏室。

If your house has stairs, use the landing or a step to create a secret storage compartment.


9. 嵌入式浴缸能變身儲藏櫃。

If you have an encased bathtub, you can create a hidden storage in the encasement.


10. 把電視設置在一塊以氣彈簧固定的木板上,就能在電視後面做出一個暗櫃了。

Mount your tv over a board that is hinged with gas springs to create a secret compartment behind your tv.


11. 將不要的老舊書本中的書頁挖出一個洞。

Take an old book you no longer read and cut out a hole in the pages to create a storage unit there.


12. 把鑰匙藏在松果下。

Hide a key underneath a pinecone.


13. 可以把珠寶放在珠寶箱中,然後再用掛在牆上的話把它擋住。

 To hide precious jewels, create a jewelry box first to hold them and then hide the box behind a big framed photo on the wall.


14. 利用內置書櫃後方的空間隱藏較大型的物品。

 Create a storage compartment behind a built-in bookcase to hide big objects.


15. 在牆上設置醫藥櫃,然後掛上畫像隱藏起來。

 Install a medicine cabinet that you can stash your valuables in and hang a large picture to hide it.


16. 或是直接用大型的畫像把牆上的暗櫃遮住也可以。

You could also hide a hidden compartment using oversized art.


17. 直接把櫃子做成懸掛式架子也是很不錯的主意。

Create a floating shelf that has a secret compartment in it nobody will expect.


18. 在門板上鑽一個洞,然後放入可以在裡面塞東西的金屬管子。

Drill a hole into the door of your door and insert a metal tube that can secretly stash cash or whatever smaller valuables you might have.


19. 另一個在書本裡面藏東西的方式,一樣把好幾本書中間挖空後相疊就可以了。

Another unique way of hiding valuables within books is creating a hollow stack of old vintage looking ones.


20. 這個方式跟書本挖空也有點像,只是改成用撲克牌。

Similar to the hollow book, try creating a hollow deck of cards.


21. 把你家沒人用的電線引出口加上一塊板子,就能輕易的改造成偽裝成牆壁的暗櫃了。

Transform one of the outlets in your home that nobody uses into a hidden wall safe by installing a blank panel.


22. 把唱片放在櫃子的兩側跟前半部,就能在唱片架上做出一個隱藏式空間了。

Cover the sides and front of a box with album records to create a hidden storage compartment in your music shelf.


23. 地球儀上挖一個洞。

Cut off a piece of your globe and hide money in it.


24. 把畫像掛在牆上,畫像後面就能藏點小東西。

Hang your wall art up on a hinge to create a small compartment space behind it.


25. 收音機放電池的地方也很適合拿來藏東西。

The battery compartment of a radio is a great place to hide valuables.
這樣藏東西是很厲害啦... 但搞不好到時候會藏得太隱密連自己都忘了藏在哪裡!?